Heavy Plant Cleaning – Flood Damage Restoration – Construction Site Cleaning –  Internal Warehouse Cleaning

Heavy Plant Cleaning
Heavy Plant Cleaning

We specialise in heavy duty plant cleaning  so your machines look clean for your customers. Muck removal prevents build up of debris in mechanical parts, preventing damage & improving maintenance access.

  • We Will Visit Your Site
  • No Need for Electric or Water Supply S
  • Fully Experienced Operator
  • Fully Insured
Flood Cleaning & Water Pumping
Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding can cause severe water damage to both residential and commercial buildings causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Our industrial suction machines can quickly remove water and so prevent the likelihood of severe damage.

  • High Powered Suction Machinery
  • 24 Hour Call Out
  • Below Ground Water Removal
  • Waste Transfer Licensed
Construction Site Cleaning
Construction Site Cleaning

Maintain your site and the surrounding areas with one of our road sweepers which will remove heavily soiled areas removing muck and debris. Our Rotajet machine is ideal to ensure the road is safe and restored to its former glory.

  • On-going Site Visits
  • One-off Visits
  • All Waste Tipped Safely at a Recycling Centre
  • Experienced Operators
Internal Warehouse Cleaning
Internal Warehouse Cleaning

We have all the machinery necessary to clean the interior and exterior of industrial and commercial buildings.  Our Road Sweepers are capable of removing all debris and sucking up waste water and blocked gullies and our Rotajet will remove oil stains.

  • Interior & Exterior Clearing of Commercial Buildings
  • Road Sweeping and Gully Cleaning
  • Oil Stains Removed
We Cover all Areas Throughout Nottingham

We offer our services throughout all areas of Nottingham including; Mapperley, Gedling, East Bridford, West Bridford, Burton Joyce, Lowdham, Gunthorpe, Rushcliffe, Ratcliffe on Trent, Bingham, Southwell, Cotgrave and Ravenshead.