When it comes to removing chewing gum from public areas and footpaths you will find that Rotajet offer a professional service. Ground in chewing gum is not only unsightly but in the warmer weather can stick to shoes and walked in to homes and business premises. Common areas where chewing gum needs to be cleaned away are outside public areas where people smoke a cigarette or where chewing gum is prohibited, such as schools and colleges.

Using a  powerful and high temperature jetting machines we can easily remove chewing gum without the need for chemicals.  Our machines are self efficient and require no electric or water supply which means we can clean away chewing gum in remote of areas.

We are experts in Chewing Gum Removal cleaning foot paths and public areas in Nottingham and Derby.

Chewing Gum Being Removed

Key Features
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Public Areas
  • Pavements & Footpaths
  • All Types of Surfaces Cleaned
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